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Wayfinding kiosks and a complete access control hardware and software solution

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  • SmartKiosk Italy - Hextra

    Hextra is a solid and impactful outdoor totem, designed to work in extreme weather conditions. An effective informative and promotional billboard, equipped with a large-size landscape display to communicate information or promotional bright HD images.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Oak shopping onlineSmartKiosk Italy - Oak Bistrot


    With an ergonomic steel and aluminum structure, Oak is the most versatile kiosk solution on the market. With various different possibilities in size and setup, solid and flexible, it can boast the richest and most diverse hardware equipment. Highly customizable, it is the benchmark for “turnkey” solutions, such as Online Shopping, Visitor Management System, Virtual Reception and Axess.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Smart Locker Pick It UpSmartKiosk Italy - Smart Locker Pick It Up

    Smartkiosk Italy in partnership with Ermes distributes Pick It Up: the solution that allows you to manage the exchange of documents, goods, keys or simply keep goods through the temporary use of a smart locker, tracking all the phases remotely.
    Lockers can be located in the same city, country or abroad. All are connected to the central server that allows you to remotely check the status and to make changes or give authorizations with different levels of access. With Pick It Up it is possible to manage access, in self-service mode, to the closet locations through a password, a QR Code, a RFID tag, a smartphone or other advanced identification systems. The Pick It Up management software can be integrated into existing applications and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker.

    Delivery: delivery 24 hours a day, in predefined, manned locations and by accessing the cupboard with the type of password you prefer.
    Withdraw: no time constraints or unattended concierge. You go to collect your package only when it is actually available.
    Keeping: simplifies the delivery of work tools for facility management and coworking activities.

  • Smartkiosk Italy - ThaliaSmartkiosk Italy - Thalia

    Thalia is the perfect combination between design and functionality. It operates both indoors and outdoors and it is available in a wide range of configurations: from the 22″ version – for complex one-to-one services – to the digital signage version, with an up to 80″ multi-touch display for e-commerce services. The utmost attention was paid to its design: light, iconic, enhanced by thin coloured LED stripes on the sides.

  • SmartKiosk - Tulip portrait

    The wall-mounted solution designed for medium-large outdoors screens. Tulip stands out for its original design and the ability to adapt to the harshest weather conditions. Equipped with a high-brightness portrait display (from 32″ to 55″), with multitouch.