• Case History

B.A.T. Trieste

Finding an aesthetic and highly operational solution to manage the entry and exit of heavy goods vehicles from Italian Ports: this has been the Leonardo Group’s goal since its first years of collaboration with Smartkiosk.


Challenge has many faces

An interesting solution for the management of production chain information was requested from British and American Tobacco for their Trieste site. The request was particularly challenging due to the need to optimise the size of the apparatus (equipped with a touch display and keyboard) in very confined spaces.


Designing small

After careful verifications, kiosks with dimensions particularly suited to the required positioning were realised with the necessary tools to support the expected functionalities and designed to reside in industrial environments.

Delivery in less than 8 weeks and integration support positively resolved in a collaborative and synergic perspective with the customer.


This is our way

The collaboration with the Aura Group is a true 360° cooperation. The involvement is total and the vastness and differentiation of the projects is a constant challenge that enhances our creative and design skills.