• Case History


Finding an aesthetic and highly operational solution to manage the entry and exit of heavy goods vehicles from Italian Ports: this has been the Leonardo Group’s goal since its first years of collaboration with Smartkiosk.


Facing complicate environment

The Sibelco Group asked us to produce outdoor totems to be placed in their factories in order to allow conveyors to communicate with the centralised weighing system. In addition to being placed outdoors, the totems are particularly prone to working in a particularly dusty environment, given the nature of production, and are also equipped with fairly demanding hardware such as video intercoms and a printer.


We realised a particularly isolated version of the OAk kiosk, with a 15.6″ touch screen panel PC and a protected printer niche. The video intercom was carefully selected for its ability to work in dusty environments.

The kiosks were specially dimensioned to allow pedestrian access or direct access from one’s own vehicle with a modular system.


This is our way

The collaboration with the Aura Group is a true 360° cooperation. The involvement is total and the vastness and differentiation of the projects is a constant challenge that enhances our creative and design skills.