Interactive Kiosk Markets

Some possible uses and scenarios of Smartkiosk's professional multimedia devices

Interactive Kiosk Markets

Some possible uses and scenarios of Smartkiosk's professional multimedia devices

Industry solutions

Automate and simplify, quickly transfer data, deliver consultation stations directly to the production line. Identify and authorize, promote and inform, control and manage, and increase safety. All of this is possible by utilizing interactive kiosks i.e. intelligent standalone tools within production areas.
Working Smart: information flows directly from management to production areas and vice-versa

  • Instant access and information sharing
  • Identify and authorize
  • Customized operation switchboards
  • Design pulpits for industrial machinery control
  • Compliance control with safety regulations

Access Control

Customized multimedia kiosk solutions to optimize the whole process of identification, authorization and management of the entrance and exit of vehicles. Self-check-in for drivers, employees and visitors and large format viewers to inform the vehicles they have to proceed to the entrance.
Axess – Self-check-in and control towers to manage vehicles entrance and exit:

  • Vehicle identification and authorization towers
  • Self-check-In, the system of identification and recognition of drivers and visitors
  • Outdoor/indoor digital billboard


Digital signage creative production for the inspired retailer. The way people like to shop is always evolving and fast. Future stores have to remain in sync with this evolution. Multimedia kiosks, online catalogue, E-commerce, Smart Locker; these keywords make up the new language that will become intrinsic to how we shop in the future. Smartkiosk is the passport to open this door into the future.

  • Stylish solutions customized in graphics and dimensions
  • Choose, pay and pick
  • Floorstand, wall, roof, integrated into your shelves: put your kiosk everywhere
  • Advanced e-commerce services
  • Convert to Smart Locker

MMR – Mass Market Retailers

Best interactive kiosks for shopping online management, fidelity card issuing and cart sanitizing devices.
Smartkiosk Italy, the professional multimedia kiosk makers, has designed and realized many different kiosk solutions according to the specific requests of its customers in the field of large-scale retail trade. Online shopping, automated payments, lockers, fidelity cards, queue management, solutions for customer information and, above all, protection and sanitization of shopping carts and baskets. We are a 360° partner able to listen, imagine and provide.

  • All-inclusive shopping online management
  • Countertop queue dispenser
  • Fidelity card issuer
  • Information and printing reports and documents
  • Playsafe, the device for sanitizing shopping baskets
  • Sanicart protects shopping carts thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral action


The new frontier of tourism requires vision, goals and plans. People want to enjoy every single moment of their holidays, and with efficiency in mind, they need to access all information fast and precisely. All the better if with intense images, exciting videos, multimedia content and easy booking. Digital signage, virtual reception, electronic payment stations and wide availability of infopoint, connections, maps, advice and tips all work to simplify, extend and enrich the holiday experience.

  • Countless solutions, indoor and outdoor to manage information and tourist services.
  • Smart interactive kiosks to support bike-sharing installation and electric bikes charging
  • Payment services and card dispenser for tourist villages and camping
  • Electronic payment stations for camper area parking
  • Skyliner: the tourism advisor, the augmented reality to enhance territory treasures

Public Administration

A fundamental step in the process of digitalization of the Public Administration is represented by the education in utilizing electronic devices to spread information about the new applications. People will be introduced to new procedures that will permit them to save time and money to achieve their aims. And this is equally true for the public administration. Multimedia and interactive kiosks enhance possibilities so that these processes can be performed quickly and efficiently.

  • Vocal information in place in public offices
  • Student card dispensers
  • Electronic payments for bills and services
  • Queue management kiosks

Fairs, events and culture

Every crowded event today needs to simplify access, ticketing, service payments and the other options reserved for the visitors. In a world, where contact has to be limited, Smartkiosk Italy, as customized kiosk maker, offers a wide range of solutions to cut time and costs without hindering the required visitor services and visitor experience. Operating kiosks, infopoint ticket stations and advertising screens, both indoor and outdoor, highly customized, ready to use for the inspired manager.

  • Ticketing station with electronic cash payment
  • RFID wristband (card) dispenser
  • Advertising outdoor widescreen
  • Playsafe, the universal sanitizer kiosk for small objects and sports equipment


It is always better to have everyday objects protected. Everyone prefers to have sanitized objects for public use. So, we have designed a totem that does exactly this, and, is customizable according to the objects to be sanitized and the layout required. Thanks to a system that delivers micro-mist mixed with a powerful sanitizer, PlaySafe ensures the safety of customers, employees and collaborators by sanitizing the objects they need to use. From shopping baskets to soccer balls and other objects of common usage in swimming pools and gyms, or even in factories and workshops. Smart and interactive kiosks to handle sanitizing needs:

  • Sanicart: the exclusive Smartkiosk Italy solution to sanitize shopping carts
  • Playsafe: the universal sanitizer for medium and small objects

Sanitize shopping baskets, sporting goods, gymnastic and mechanical equipment in 10 seconds.

Queue management

Smartkiosk has been developing a range of multimedia products with a hugely innovative concept. Made to host a 10″ touch display and interact with users simply and effectively, both with touch display and voice command. Designed to support interactive services, its innate purpose is to work as a support for queue management systems. It can house a thermal printer and a barcode reader.

Equipped with its own graphic cardboard to emphasize its placement, it integrates perfectly with video systems to offer a complete and integrated queue management system.

Smart Pay

Smart Pay is the line of interactive kiosks dedicated to cash or electronic payment functions. It includes a range of solutions differentiated by functionality and placement: indoor or outdoor environment, floorstand or wall.

It hosts unmanned electronic payment devices, and an integrated cash payment system with banknotes and coins, including a change machine. It can be configured exactly to the customer’s specifications.

Visitor Self Check-in

As professional kiosk maker, we have created a wide range of multimedia products dedicated to user recognition and identification. Indispensable in access control systems in large factories as well as in offices where the identification process of visitors, employees and regular maintenance personnel is preferably automated. Available with a highly customizable software system that integrates perfectly with the chassis and the entrance turnstile system.
An integration of specific equipment in contrast to the Covid-19 deployment, such as hand sanitizers, thermal cameras and temperature detector, is also available.

Hotel Virtual Reception

A real virtual reception, able to identify, with no margin for error, the guests of accommodation facilities, delivering them the electronic keys of their rooms. And then detect, store and send to the relevant authorities copies of the required documents. When checking out, the guest can return the electronic key through the virtual reception, that will reset it and make it available for the next guest, thus limiting maintenance and assistance as much as possible. Available also with electronic payment system (or cash).