The professional multimedia kiosk makers

Smartkiosk Italy

The professional multimedia kiosk makers

Smartkiosk Italy


Our ethos is dedicated to two key principles


To imagine an idea of interactive communication and design and advanced functional and refined kiosk solutions centred around it.


To inspire ideas that evolve into projects capable of changing reality around us.

Smartkiosk Italy, a professional multimedia kiosk maker in Italy, designs and manufactures smart kiosks that give form and life to the customers’ specific needs, through a product that meets the highest expectations, enhances visual impact and surprises with its reliability.
Our kiosk solutions are used effectively to support multiple needs: information, operational data collection, strategic support, promotional and digital signage environments. Even in outdoor and unattended places.


A professional team of dreamers since the 90s

We designed our first interactive kiosk pole in 1993. From that moment on it has been a continuous search for the perfect balance between form, functionality and ergonomics. The evolution of materials and technological innovation has led to countless construction possibilities that we have inspected and elaborated on, drawing inspiration for the creation of over 70 different models used to perform countless functions.

Today, Smartkiosk Italy boasts a complete range of kiosks designed for any environment and use. And yet, the real richness of our experience lies in the sensitivity in facing any customization request from our customers, the normality of the exceptional, and the routine of the extraordinary.
Any client’s request immediately becomes a project to be invented, designed, produced and lauded.


From prototype to production

We produce all prototypes in our own laboratory, thanks to a highly qualified design and production team. We perform all tests and define forms and structures within the laboratory. The mass production is supported by external specialized companies, who, led by our technicians, take charge to follow up each step of the production.
We have different specialized partners according to specific products. This enables us to divide the whole production via specialized channels, ensuring cutting-edge products and minimizing production times.

1The professional multimedia kiosk makers


as you need it

The professional multimedia kiosk makers


as you want it

The professional multimedia kiosk makers


as you like it

Our clients


Our loyal customers in Italy and all around the world

  • 22HBG
  • A.Celli Nonwovens
  • APM Terminals (Gruppo Maersk)
  • Reefer Terminal (Gruppo Maersk)
  • Gruppo Leonardo Spa
  • Sibelco Spa
  • Ferrero Industriale Italia
  • Fiera Milano
  • British and American Tobacco TS
  • Prima Assicurazioni
  • Kronotech
  • Roquette Italia
  • SDI media Italia
  • Sostaservice Impianti
  • AV Store srl
  • Zucchetti Systema
  • Wallin srl
Entry Exit System
  • Reco 3.26
  • Aeroporti di Puglia
  • Aeroporto di Catania
  • Aeroporto DI Orio al Serio BG
  • Aeroporti di Malta
Public Offices
  • Comune di Castiglione della Pescaia
  • Comune di Sillano
  • INFN Laboratorio Nazionale del Gran Sasso
  • Turismo Valle Maira
  • Università di Bologna
  • CCIAA Pisa
  • Comune di Bressanvido (VI)
  • Comune di Lachiarella (MI)
  • Confcommercio Milano
Through our partners
  • Annovi Reverberi
  • Autorità di Sistema Portuale dei Mari Tirreno Meridionale e Ionio
  • Autorità Portuale di Salerno
  • Brico Io
  • Porto di Genova
  • Maserati spa
  • Coca Cola Spa
  • Hellas Verona
  • Saint Gobain Glass Italia spa
  • Duty Free Aeroporto Bologna
  • Italia in Miniatura
  • Leolandia
  • Mirabilandia
  • Oltremare
  • Basko
  • Coop Centro Italia
  • Mercatò
  • Gruppo Selex
  • Maxi DI
  • Sole 365
  • SuperPan
  • Supermercati Poli
  • Tigros
  • Famila
  • Emisfero
  • Italmark
  • Orvea spa
  • Ferrero France Sa (FR)
  • GDI dooel Skopje (MK)
  • Hantarex Dds GmbH (DE)
  • Inteplex Technologies (USA)
  • Mehdar Tech (KSA)
  • Net Global System International Ltd (UK)
  • Refahad Group (KSA)
  • SC Resonance Distribution (RO)
  • SignNation Ltd (NIG)
  • World Communication (FR)
  • Synbird (FR)
  • Megatek (AL)
  • Arteko (DE)

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