Floorstand Multimedia Kiosks

Column kiosks in various heights to allow optimal access to any kind of user

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Miro Command Desk

    Command Desk
    A special totem designed specifically to act as a command desk for industrial equipment; it incorporates a special seat for the emergency button and has space for all the appropriate configurations required. Provides a touch of style to bring the control desk into line with the new design of industrial machines.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Oak shopping onlineSmartKiosk Italy - Oak Bistrot


    With an ergonomic steel and aluminum structure, Oak is the most versatile kiosk solution on the market. With various different possibilities in size and setup, solid and flexible, it can boast the richest and most diverse hardware equipment. Highly customizable, it is the benchmark for “turnkey” solutions, such as Online Shopping, Visitor Management System, Virtual Reception and Axess.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - SevenSmartKiosk Italy - Seven

    Seven is a column solution that hosts a 10,1 display (tablet). It is characterized by a limited overall size, ease of use and low costs. A simple product intended for retail and catering, highly customizable and lightweight and that can be moved with ease.