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  • SmartKiosk Italy - Ambrose 01SmartKiosk Italy - Ambrose kioskeissa

    Self-Ordering Kiosk
    An original, beautifully designed and versatile order management solution. Ambrose is available in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and pedestal versions, as well as in a dual-sided version. It features a chassis surrounded by curved, painted tubing and a graphic-printed glass front. It houses a 32″ display with a touchscreen, thermal receipt printer and device for electronic payments. It can also host a barcode scanner, webcam and RFID reader on request. Lightweight and elegant, it brings a touch of refined elegance to any venue.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Oak ostoksia verkossaSmartKiosk Italy - Oak Bistro


    With an ergonomic steel and aluminum structure, Oak is the most versatile kiosk solution on the market. With various different possibilities in size and setup, solid and flexible, it can boast the richest and most diverse hardware equipment. Highly customizable, it is the benchmark for “turnkey” solutions, such as Online Shopping, Visitor Management System, Virtual Reception and Axess.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - PixelSmartKiosk Italy - Pixel Tervetuloa

    Pixel is a new solution of small size and great functionality. Designed to house a 10.1″ display, it can be used with Amazon Echo Show, tablets and Android systems as well as with a normal PC. A totem that loves to dialogue with smartphones as an integration to the app audience and provide dedicated voice and touchscreen services, such as surveys, internal information and selected suggestions. Useful, functional and affordable.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Playsafe

    Playsafe is an innovative, useful device to sanitize objects, especially sports balls. An effective mist system covers the ball with fine micron particles of water spray mixed with an effective sanitizing liquid inside a closed chamber of the chassis. An electronic system holds the ball for about 10 seconds to complete sanitization. Then an automatic release allows the ball to exit the chassis fully sanitized and dry, ready to be used again.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - SanicartSmartKiosk Italy - Sanicart yksityiskohdat

    Sanicart is a simple and effective wristband that is applied to the handle of shopping carts. The device contains a felt soaked in sanitizing liquid that allows the user to pass it at will over the handle of the cart, in order to cover it with sanitizing liquid for maximum safety. The immediate sensation of cleanliness will make the user aware of not running any risk and of being able to put his hands on the trolley in total safety. Sanicart is easy to refill without the need for specialized personnel, it is safe and durable. An investment whose cost will be covered in a few months, for your customers’ satisfaction.

  • SmartKiosk Italy - Smart Locker Nosta seSmartKiosk Italy - Smart Locker Nosta se

    Smartkiosk Italy in partnership with Ermes distributes Pick It Up: the solution that allows you to manage the exchange of documents, goods, keys or simply keep goods through the temporary use of a smart locker, tracking all the phases remotely.
    Lockers can be located in the same city, country or abroad. All are connected to the central server that allows you to remotely check the status and to make changes or give authorizations with different levels of access. With Pick It Up it is possible to manage access, in self-service mode, to the closet locations through a password, a QR Code, a RFID tag, a smartphone or other advanced identification systems. The Pick It Up management software can be integrated into existing applications and allows you to choose the most suitable “key” to access the locker.

    Delivery: delivery 24 hours a day, in predefined, manned locations and by accessing the cupboard with the type of password you prefer.
    Withdraw: no time constraints or unattended concierge. You go to collect your package only when it is actually available.
    Keeping: simplifies the delivery of work tools for facility management and coworking activities.